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Mundial is the online webstore that offers you the finest collection of CD's, DVD's, audio- and videocassettes and LP's. You can search for articles, read about them and order them directly through the website.

One-time registration
For using the online order system of Mundial, please register first. By clicking the "Not registered yet" link on the left. We need some details to register you in our system. Please fill in the fields asked for. You will be asked to enter a password, for creating your personal account. With this password and your e-mail adress, you can login the next time you visit Mundial.

Searching for articles
It's easy to search the articles you're looking for. Browse to any category you'll find on top of the website. Then, just enter one of more keywords in the Search box. The system will search through all available articles and return the best results. Offcource it's also possible to browse though the complete list of artists and titles, which you can filter by the medium (CD, DVD etc.). With one click on a article you see all available details.

Add articles to you shopping cart
In the detail screen you'll find the "Add to cart" button. Just click it you add the article to your personal shopping cart. Your shopping cart appears, with the overview of articles you added. After that, you can easy click further on Mundial and add some more articles.

The shopping cart
You can always open your shopping cart, by clicking the button on top of the screen. After adding articles, it's easy to modify them. Just enter the right number in the quantity field and click "Apply changes". To remove one article, enter zero (0) in the quantity field. To empty the whole shopping cart, just click "Empty cart".

Order articles
Once your done shopping, you can order the articles in your shopping cart by clicking the "Go to checkout" button. The system wil ask you to login. If you haven't registered yet, you can also register here. Please confirm the details specified or correct them if wrong. The address you specify will be the delivery address. Click "Proceed" to select the payment method.

For each country Mundial has different payment methods available. For more details, please see our Policy. Select the method you want to use, and click "Proceed".

If you selected to pay by creditcard, please note that you'll proceed over a secore connection. If a popup notification appears, you can click Yes or Accept if you trust the connection.

In the last stage, you'll see all the details of your order. The articles, the delivery address and the payment method. Please confirm all details. Click "Submit order" to submit your order to Mundial. You recieve an e-mail with the confirmation of your order.


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